Hi Inkstained Readers! Below is a poem written about a week ago, before I finished out my first year of college, one of the most amazing of my life.  This piece is about  processing the ‘summation’ of that experience, and all the mixed emotion involved. So far, summer has been a wonderful break!



Sun paints bittersweet moments golden bright,
And life feels shockingly
Six days from now, I return to a homeland of ocean and wine grapes,
My mother chopping heirloom tomatoes for salad,
My father laughing at my stories as he grills chicken.
My best friend writing in a notebook,

Pushing her hair from her eyes.
Six days from now I close a chapter of one of my greatest adventures to date.
You see packed boxes always make me feel like crying,
And I’m not sure why, exactly.
Bare walls always make me feel incomplete.
Six days from now I will face an empty room and I will have to turn away and close the door.
I will go back to a beautiful homeland and leave a land of discovery behind
And for three months I will soak in my childhood.
But for now,
Acoustic songs play into the late afternoon sun,
The soft sound of fingers tip tapping on keyboard  gentle background music
My friends have fallen asleep, curled into one another like kittens. Their dark hair blends into one another, and I want to kiss their foreheads as I would a drowsy child.
I feel a stab of restlessness, of desire for something, someone. For life here and for the faraway life I lead in California.
A homesickness for adventure,
A wanderlust for comfort.
I feel a collision of sadness and joy,
Like the end of a good book.
I am nostalgic for newness, for long nights that glow in memory
I am ready to go home.
Ready to replenish.
And then I will be ready to return.
Instead of flying home for the winter this little bird heads south for the summer,
And she is prepared for flight.10731172_10202905325093531_6601776300577912028_n

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