Seeking Sublime


“Doesn’t it just make you want to fly away?” my mother says, smiling at the sunset before us, the ocean lapping at the shore.


I want to reach into it and touch the blazing red horizon,

Wrap lavender clouds against my skin.

I want to climb into the sky.


Every time I see something beautiful I want to breathe it,

Want to get close enough to taste it

Sunsets would taste like  summer-warmed nectarines,the  juice dripping down my chin.  Of this I am certain.

Some beauty I know is dangerous.

Powerful beauty, frightening beauty.

Thunderstorm beauty, busy night  city street beauty.

Some beauty is tenderly painful, aches at the touch.

Tears lingering in eyes, slow songs, loaded gazes, near-kisses.

These too, these too I love.

I cannot help it,

I dive in with all five senses, I reach and reach for the exquisite .

I inhale salt air at the beach and let icy water pool at my ankles

Rub satiny fabrics against my cheeks

Bury my nose in the  delicate jasmine plants that grow along the path where I walk my dog,

Stroke rain-wet leaves with my finger.


My mother told me once that I love big, my heart on my sleeve.

Big and beating and exposed

Vulnerable to breaking

But I wouldn’t close my soul back up in the cage of my chest

For it’s out here,

Out in the light, the chaos,

Open to the the cold and the heat, the wind and the rain  and the wildness,

It is here where the beauty is.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Sublime

  1. Drink it all in Casey – go big or go home 🙂 It takes decades but eventually you find yourself spending more time in the middle – fewer extremes. The highs lower, the lows higher. It’s both a relief and a disappointment. Every once in a while pure unbridled emotion breaks through again and it’s startling.
    You’ve really captured that here clever girl. XO


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