Packing Light


I like living out of a suitcase.

I like the feeling of packing all my possessions in ten minutes flat,
2 bathing suits
5 pairs of socks
2 pairs of shoes
7 shirts
2 dresses,
1 red roller with a matching shoulder bag, standing in the hotel room door frame.
Limitation and at the same time incredible freedom.

I like discarding the girl in California with a whole drawer stuffed with just scarves, ten thousand colors,  for the one who has a travel guide filled with ticket stubs.
I like throwing myself away and finding myself all over again.
You see I have eager feet
Bouncy knees.
I can’t sit still.
People think it’s because I’m nervous, anxious, unhappy,
But really—

It’s because there are too many places I want to be.
I don’t like packing bags that don’t fit in the overhead bin,
Because I don’t want to wait for the baggage carousel,
There’s no time for that,
There’s museums, monuments, natural wonders outside the departure doors
There’s so much, so much I have to do.

I don’t like overpacking, because that just holds me back, don’t you see?
Why bring three when you only need two?
Living out of a suitcase teaches you things.
It teaches you to leave behind what you don’t really need,
To accept that objects mean nothing at all.
Living out of a suitcase teaches you that if you have to decide between a notebook to write poetry in and an extra cardigan, you should always go with the former.
Living out of a suitcase teaches you that when you look back at the photographs, wearing the same dress every day won’t seem strange but rather kind of beautiful.
Living out of a suitcase teaches you that you really can leave everything you know and plunge towards everything you don’t, and that maybe,

That’s all
That was ever
Worth doing.

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