In Flux

In Flux

Name: Casey Marie O’Brien, Yes, spelled with an e, not an a, Yes, a C, not a K.
Age: 18 years old, nearly 19, not nearly grown up.
Height: 5’5”, just a hair’s breadth above average.
Dress size: 6, approximately.
Hair color: Brown, a healthy hint of red.
Eye color: Brown, “chocolate” if you’re trying to flatter me.
Identity: shifting

Reshaped by
Playing truth or dare at 2 am,
Always picking truth because
Vulnerability is exhilarating,

And I am drunk on the open air against my own bared heart.
Reshaped by
Books read by window filtered sunlight
Ideas hand delivered by black ink stamp letters.

Reshaped by
Opening night jitters
Closing night tears
A bouquet of flowers, a card with love inside

Reshaped by
Goodnight kisses
Fingers curled in my hair.

Goodmorning hugs
Legs touching beneath the table.
Reshaped by
Ripples of laughter like waves in the ocean


Identity: Reshaped by
Friends who finish my sentences
Friends who hold me up when I didn’t even know I was falling.
Friends who lift me higher than I knew we could go.

Casey Marie O’Brien
Identity: Shifting.

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