Lap Swimming

Lap Swimming

 Hi Everyone, I arrived for my college orientation just a little over three weeks ago, and already, my life feels immeasurably different. This post is about change, growth, and new beginnings.  Enjoy!

Lap Swimming

Free lap swim until six o’clock
Pink painted toes curl against white tile
Hesitant to leave solid ground.
But I take a deep breath and spring forward
My feet splash through the cool clear blue
And I’m on my  way.

My heart is beating to the rhythm of a breaststroke
And there’s nothing left to think about,
Just legs propelling, arms pulling, lungs breathing

I’m beginning to wonder if college is a little like lap swimming
Because no matter how prepared you are,
Towel and flipflops and Speedo,
Eventually, you just have to jump in
And when you do,  no matter how ready you are, you’ll still sputter when you swallow chlorine.
Your arms will get tired and by the end of fifteen laps you wonder how is this only halfway
Your legs will want to rest and you’ll be sick of holding your breath.
But then.

Then you’re at sixteen, eighteen, twenty
And you’re strong and lean and deliciously refreshed
When you get out the sun’s  on your back
And you know you’ll come back and do it all again.
I’ve only just leaped in to this new adventure
And I’m still only on my first lap
Trying to remember where my anthropology class is
And what day they come for the recycling.

Just trying not to miss Sunday afternoons in the wine country
Trying to laugh even when I’m tired
And the joke isn’t funny.
But I’m getting there.
I’m stronger already
I’m past wishing I could put my feet down
And I’ve started to kick.
I’ve started to
Stay up late
Accept compliments
Relish long hugs.

I’ve started
To swim.

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